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Vikane Fumigation Manual & How To Measure a Structure Part 1

This course covers the spectrum of what you need to know to correctly perform a fumigation. You will learn: Portions of the label, Poisoning symptoms, Fire Fighting, Worker Safety, PPE, Cylinder Safety Handling and Storage, Client Communication, Multi-Unit and Connected Structures.   Fans are a crucial part of the fumigation process. They are used for aeration and the clearing process. This section includes; Specifications, Placement and Circulation.  You will learn the importance of: Reaching Equilibrium, Proper aeration, Sealing structures, Securing and Posting structures.   Performing a fumigation properly is the difference between success and failure. This course will help you understand the importance of: Dosage, factors affecting Oz-Hrs, Pest Dosages, Calculating the Amount of Vikane to Use and documentation of calculations. 

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